Kendell + Charlie

We chatted a little on the last post about how fulfilling it is to share your abilities as a photographer with friends and family you have known throughout your life. This past week we got a call from one of those friends, Kendell, asking if we could schedule a mommy/daughter shoot with her and her daughter Charlie. We somehow managed to fit it in before our ultra busy (woohoo!!) November starts, and as soon as we hung up we were practically jumping for joy! Why, you ask? Well, because this about the cutest mother-daughter combo there ever was. I mean c'mon - 

We tried out a new location in Gilbert and it's now one of our favorites! The Reserve was full of beautiful greens, gorgeous lakes, and plenty of  cacti that we love in our pictures. Hoping some future clients will want to use it because it really was outstanding! (hint hint!) 

The trust and support of our friends as they jump into this new adventure with us has been such a heartwarming experience. We know how important it is to capture memories like these, especially when these darn kids are growing up so fast on us! It is the reason we love this gig so much, people are trusting us with their family time capsule, their holiday cards, heck even their Instagram feeds!! 

We have already added so many new faces and friendships to our JCP family, and we want to give a huge shout out to all the wonderful people who have entrusted us with their family photos this fall. We love you all, between friends, family, and other folks in the industry we are REALLY feeling blessed. 

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