Baby Lily

One of the most amazing parts about pursuing the life of a photographer is getting to share your gifts with friends or family members who mean the world to you. This past Sunday we had one of those moments, and I have had goosebumps going through the pictures from our session, not to mention the biggest grin!

The Martin family has touched our lives in so many ways and when we found out Pete and Shannon were expecting another little girl we were dying to do a maternity shoot with both them and their other 2 kiddos, Kael and McKenna. Life happened though and that maternity shoot morphed into a newborn session with the new baby girl - Lily! 

We feel so fortunate to be able to capture these memories of this angel at only 2 weeks old for her parents. She has no idea just how lucky she is to have a family like this! 

Have a great day everyone!

- Andy