Spring Mini Sessions

Wow! We had so much fun shooting our Spring mini sessions! We kept it simple and went to a grassy field in north Phoenix and love how the images turned out. If you are overdue for some family photos (maybe because you dread getting in front of the camera?),  minis are a cinch and typically run 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Before Dad can start thinking about how much of the game he is missing, everyone is back in the car headed home with a happy mom in the passenger seat! 

Meeting new families is the best part of our job and, although we may be a bit biased, our JCP families are always amazing!

Stay tuned in the fall for our next round of mini sessions!


Cindy Maternity

The day of Cindy's maternity shoot our weather app had the most violent squiggly wind warning lines we have ever seen.  So when we saw Cindy arrive at Papago Park in her beautiful white sun dress, we knew we were going to have to keep this shoot shakin' to keep this pretty mama warm.

She was such a trooper and never stopped smiling the whole shoot. It may look like we had a warm sunny day, but everyone was freezing, including us in our Patagonia vests and beanies :) We had a really wonderful time with this couple and just loved the sun soaked images that came out of this windy evening in the AZ desert. 

So thrilled to meet their little one next month and watch them enjoy the gift of parenthood.


Andy + Jackie

Baby Hayden

Last week we had the pleasure to meet the newest addition to the Weed family baby Hayden. She is soooo sweet it makes sense she chose to be born on Valentine's Day! She looks just like her mom, and by the looks of these photos has dad under her thumb as well. We loved watching Cole be big brother and you can already tell how how protective he is with her.

These sessions take some time making sure baby is comfortable and the whole family was patient and great with us while we got the shots we wanted. We think they turned out great and hope you enjoy this look at our time in their beautiful home. 

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Gayatri Maternity

We woke up the morning of this shoot to pouring rain and realized it had been raining all night.  Although cloudy skies are some of our favorite conditions to shoot in and usually result in beautiful photos, we didn't want our soon to be momma and her hubby to get soaked! But, this was the only day that would work before they headed out of town, so we had no choice but to just go for it and hope for the best. We are so glad we did! 

Right as we pulled up to the Gilbert Reserve, the rain let up and the clouds cleared out enough to create this amazing glow. We felt so lucky not only for the change in weather but to be out in these beautiful fields with these two amazing people. They both kept us laughing the entire shoot and are genuinely over the moon to be new parents. We know what an exciting time that is, and to be a part of it with our expecting couples is one of our favorite parts of this gig! 

Check out some of our favorites from the shoot with Gayatri, Karan, and their baby boy! 



Jarbo Family

The Jarbo Family was an exciting milestone for us ... our first word-of-mouth referral from our shoot with the Nichol's Family!

We initially received a bit of a panicked text from Allison, as the photographer she had booked for their family holiday shoot got super sick and had to cancel. Allison was SO relieved when we were able to switch around our schedule and shoot a full family session with them.

When we met this adorable family of four at DC Ranch,  our hearts just melted. 

Mom and Dad were sweet as can be, but we quickly fell in love with their adorable kiddos!

Cuteness overload!!

Little man was such a gentleman in his Mommy & Son pics.

Mother + Daughter <3

We snapped our last pic of this precious family a mere 48 hours after receiving that first text message, and we are thrilled with the results!

View Full Jarbo Family Session Here



Andy + Jack



Kendell + Charlie

We chatted a little on the last post about how fulfilling it is to share your abilities as a photographer with friends and family you have known throughout your life. This past week we got a call from one of those friends, Kendell, asking if we could schedule a mommy/daughter shoot with her and her daughter Charlie. We somehow managed to fit it in before our ultra busy (woohoo!!) November starts, and as soon as we hung up we were practically jumping for joy! Why, you ask? Well, because this about the cutest mother-daughter combo there ever was. I mean c'mon - 

We tried out a new location in Gilbert and it's now one of our favorites! The Reserve was full of beautiful greens, gorgeous lakes, and plenty of  cacti that we love in our pictures. Hoping some future clients will want to use it because it really was outstanding! (hint hint!) 

The trust and support of our friends as they jump into this new adventure with us has been such a heartwarming experience. We know how important it is to capture memories like these, especially when these darn kids are growing up so fast on us! It is the reason we love this gig so much, people are trusting us with their family time capsule, their holiday cards, heck even their Instagram feeds!! 

We have already added so many new faces and friendships to our JCP family, and we want to give a huge shout out to all the wonderful people who have entrusted us with their family photos this fall. We love you all, between friends, family, and other folks in the industry we are REALLY feeling blessed. 

View Full Kendell + Charlie Session Here


Andy + Jack

Baby Lily

One of the most amazing parts about pursuing the life of a photographer is getting to share your gifts with friends or family members who mean the world to you. This past Sunday we had one of those moments, and I have had goosebumps going through the pictures from our session, not to mention the biggest grin!

The Martin family has touched our lives in so many ways and when we found out Pete and Shannon were expecting another little girl we were dying to do a maternity shoot with both them and their other 2 kiddos, Kael and McKenna. Life happened though and that maternity shoot morphed into a newborn session with the new baby girl - Lily! 

We feel so fortunate to be able to capture these memories of this angel at only 2 weeks old for her parents. She has no idea just how lucky she is to have a family like this! 

Have a great day everyone!

- Andy 

Nicole + Anthony

She’s a teacher, he’s a future doctor...together they’re adorable!

We had a blast shooting this sweet couple at Papago Park.


We’ve known Nicole since she was in elementary school and now she’s one of the few people we trust to watch our little girl.


It’s been inspiring to watch her grow up, land her dream job, and start a life with her handsome man Anthony. Simply put these two know how to have fun and enjoy every moment life throws their way. 

Thanks for letting us capture you two!

View the full session with Nicole and Anthony here.

- Andy & Jack 

Organic Life Love

Carrington Beauchamp, owner of Organic Life Love, became fast friends with Jacqueline on social media when they bonded over their passion for natural living and wellness. 


Once we moved back to Phoenix, these two ladies got to connect in person and have been close ever since!


Carrington is a Holistic Health Coach and is a huge self-love advocate-especially for moms. We are ALL about that and couldn’t have been happier to shoot a few head shots for this mama of four.


The photos perfectly captured her radiance and her loving, giving nature!

View full session with Carrington here! 

Welcome to Jumping Cholla!

Let me start by saying thank you for stopping by and checking out this new venture of mine. I am super excited to announce JCP to anyone who isn't my wife, 2 year old, or my ultimate confidant - Penny the dachshund. 

I am thrilled to launch in time for Fall, which is the best time in Phoenix to be outside taking pictures! 

Family is everything to me, and it would be an honor to capture a special moment for your family! I hope to add to a family’s collection of once-in-a-lifetime images that they can cherish and share with the people around them.  I’m pretty sure if I walked into your house and saw one of my images on the wall I would, well let’s just say I’m a crier.  

I am also hoping to help others who are working on their own projects by upgrading their content and provide photos for multiple projects to help with both social media and web pages. Inspiring, sharp, creative pictures can really help highlight the incredible work you are already doing. 

Lastly, there is so much more I want to do! Maternity and newborn shoots! Engagement sessions! I want to add professional canine photographer... can I add that? Let me take pictures of your dog!

Stay tuned for updates in the next few days on launch specials, as well as a referral program that can help get the word out and save you some bucks on your holiday card photos! 

With thanks and love,